Supermarket Independent Art Fair | Kulturhuset, Stockholm | Sweden | 18 - 20 Feb 2011

Interstice project at Supermarket Art Fair 2011, formed from a group of multidisciplinary artists from Artspace Studios in Galway City, Ireland. Artspace Studios are the first Irish representatives at this international event.

For their debut at this fair, the artists are offering their art not for a monetary exchange, but for an e-mail transaction where the interested party describes why they want a particular work. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue about art value, commercialism and trade. To see what happens when the commercial aspect is removed and a return to the simple act of giving is put in place. The hope is to bypass the established system of monetary value reflecting worth and relevance and create a temporary system that asks the viewer to verbalise and quantify their desire for a specific piece in exchange for a work of art. This project is a response to the ethos and sentiments that have propelled the realisation of projects such as Supermarket Stockholm. It entertains the idea that when money is taken out of the equation, art can be gauged with a totally different value.

Artists: Aideen Barry, Anne O'Byrne, Ben Geoghegan, Catherine O'Leanachain, David Finn, Juliette de la Mer, Kathleen Furey, Laura Brennan, Lisa O'Donnell, Lisa Sweeney, Louise Manifold, Paul Maye, Simon Fleming and Triona Mac Giolla Ri.